Frequently asked questions

Our mission is simple. Drive less and fish more to maximize your time on the water. The majority of our fishing spots are in the surrounding Whistler area. We believe these fishing spots offer beautiful scenery and great opportunities to catch lots of wild fish including the OCCASIONAL big one. We don’t specifically target large fish unless we speak with the client prior to booking to discuss potential opportunities. Unless specifically requested, we DO NOT take clients into the remote wilderness. The spots we fish are never busy but there is the chance of bumping into other anglers. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions so that we can try our best to meet your expectations

We will be ice fishing for stocked Rainbow Trout on one of the local lakes right here in Whistler. The fish range between 8 & 14 inches in length but if you are LUCKY there is the “CHANCE” of hooking an 18 + inch trout. This is a great experience for those new to ice fishing. I will set up a large tent-like ice fishing shelter which will have a heater inside to keep you nice and toasty. We also put you in a pair of insulated winter boots with ice cleats for warmth & safety.

Absolutely not. There is a reason it is called fishing and not catching 🙂  Although we catch fish on the majority of our trips…there are times when the fishing can be slow. It’s just part of the game. With that being said, under these circumstances our guides will do everything in their power to put you on fish and will often extend the trip length if the fishing is tough

We have a minimum age requirement of 16 years old for all of our trips. All guests must weigh between 100-250 lbs (36-113 kgs).  All minors under the age of 19 MUST be accompanied by a paying adult

Customers will receive a full refund LESS any processing fees with 72 hours notice of cancellation. We are a small operation and last minute cancellations SIGNIFICANTLY  affect us. If you cancel within that time frame we will only issue a refund IF we are able to fill the slot. You may also choose to receive a full credit that can be used anytime in the future. This credit is transferable to others as well. Do not book with us if you don’t agree with those terms. 

We fish rain or shine. Please do not put such an emphasis on the weather forecast. Mountain weather is VERY unpredictable and changes day to day.  Please do not book with us if you would cancel because of rain. We can’t control the weather and these cancellations SIGNIFICANTLY affect us. We firmly believe in our ability to catch fish when its raining. Thank you for your understanding

Anyone 19 years of age and older must complete our online waiver on their own. Do NOT fill out the waivers for other adults in your group. Anyone under the age of 19 must have an adult complete the waiver on behalf of them. Please click the link below to start. Thank you for your understanding.


Tipping is not mandatory in Canada but is GREATLY appreciated 

We provide free pick up & drop off from your accommodation in Whistler. There is an additional driving charge if you are staying in Squamish or Pemberton 

Anyone 16 years of age and older must purchase  a 1 DAY BASIC FRESHWATER fishing licence for the date of your trip and save it to your phone. Those under the age of 16 DO NOT need a licence.   Please click the link below to purchase. Select “Register Now”


We have a STRICT catch & release policy in place. Under NO EXCEPTIONS do we eat the fish we catch. You can give an angler a fish or you can teach them how to fish. We choose to just teach 🙂

No we do not. ALL of our fishing trips are walk & wade which means we put you in a pair of waterproof waders and boots which allows us to walk in rivers and lakes while staying completely dry

Only those that have paid for the experience can attend. We do NOT allow  people to tag along for free to watch or take photos. This disrupts our business.