Frogg toggs waders

These are a great pair of waders at an affordable price. As long as you dry them after every use these can last you a few seasons!

kamik forester boots

These boots are fantastic for both rain and snow. We put all our clients in them on our ice fishing trips. I have been using these exact boots for 6 years and they are all in perfect working condition. Just make sure you dry them after using! 

Frogg toggs boot studs

I drill these directly into the bottom of my ice fishing boots for grip. They are permanent compared to removable ice cleats but they are so much cheaper to swop out when they get dull. If your ice cleat straps snap then they are useless. Also removable ice cleats can fall off your boot while trekking through deep snow on the ice but with studs you will never run into that problem 

removable ice cleats

Although boot studs are superior in my opinion for ice fishing, these are the ice cleats I have found if you are looking for ones that are removable. Just keep an eye on them if walking through wet deep snow as they may get pulled off


These handwarmers are simply awesome! Even on the lowest setting they can warm up your hands very quickly. These work great when my clients are getting cold hands while ice fishing 

retractable ICE PICKS

These are a well made yet very affordable set of ice picks. At the beginning of the ice fishing season I ALWAYS wear a pair of these. The guards covering the picks are retractable which means you will not accidently stab yourself 🙂 

fish finder

This fish finder can be used for both ice fishing and on a boat but this one comes with the transducer that is specific for ice fishing.  I love using this device when I’m exploring a new lake that I’m ice fishing on. There is a separate transducer that you must purchase if you want to install it on a boat 


Whether I’m on the ice with clients or out on the river, I always make sure I have my rescue throw bag. This is a safety product that you absolutely need but hope to never use! 

hand auger

I always use this hand auger at the beginning of the ice fishing season when the ice is less than 6 inches thick. It doesn’t take much effort for these blades to cut through the ice. I use the 8 inch blade. 


Staying warm in the winter is absolutely essential. These Under Armor cold gear thermals are an awesome base layer. When selecting size, please note that they are compression fit so they fit snug 

I use 4 lbs Sufix monofilament ice magic line on all of my ice fishing reels. You can’t just use regular fishing line in the winter because it will freeze and cause you nothing but problems. Trust me I’ve tried to cut corners and it doesn’t work!